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Intel mass produces the Intel 4 process using EUV lithography
Author:eliteichk Time:2023-10-13 Read:200Secondary

                              Intel mass produces the Intel 4 process using EUV lithography

         Intel announced the successful installation and commissioning of the EUV (Extreme ultraviolet) lithography machine at Fab 34 in Ireland, and that it is fully operational and ready to begin mass production of the Intel 4 process. This will mark the first time that extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography has been used for mass production in Europe.

        The Intel 4 process will debut with Core Ultra processors codenamed Meteor Lake, which will be released on December 14 for mainstream and thin notebooks.


       At present, Intel is steadily advancing the "four years five process nodes" plan.

      Among them, the Intel 7 and Intel 4 have achieved mass production, the former for the 12/13/14 generation Core.

      Intel 3 is on track, with a target of the end of 2023.

      In the first half of next year, Intel will introduce the first Sierra Forest Xeon processor using the Inte 3 process, based on the E-core architecture with up to 288 cores, followed by the same Intel 3 process, P-core design of Granite Rapids.

      Intel 20A and Intel 18A are also progressing well, and the goal is to adopt RibbonFET fully surround gate crystal and PowerVia backside power supply technology for the first time in 2024.

      In addition, Intel will soon launch the Intel 18A Process Design Kit (PDK) for foundry service customers.



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