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The United States will extend the exemption of Samsung and SK Hynix from selling chips to China
Author:eliteichk Time:2023-10-13 Read:189Secondary

        The United States will extend the exemption of Samsung and SK Hynix from selling chips to China

         According to reports, the United States is expected to indefinitely extend the exemption for South Korean chip manufacturers Samsung and SK Hynix to import US chip equipment at their factories in China.  Multiple sources have stated that the United States will release relevant announcements as early as this week.
        Samsung and SK Hynix were authorized by the US Department of Commerce last year to export Chinese chip production equipment within one year without the need for further licenses.


        The Commerce Department will update its "Certified end User" (VEU) list of which entities have access to which types of technology for export to allow Samsung and SK Hynix to continue to have access to certain U.S. chipmaking tools.

        Once included in the list, there is no need to apply for a separate export license. This means that US export controls are actually indefinitely suspended.

        The U.S. Department of Commerce has been discussing future plans with Samsung and SK Hynix to designate equipment that can be imported into Chinese production lines, as future business will also need to upgrade equipment.

        Samsung and SK Hynix declined to comment on the news.

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