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Author:eliteichk Time:2023-10-26 Read:157Secondary

Samsung is expected to launch its ninth generation NAND flash memory chip early next year and begin mass production

Recently, Lee Jung Bae, the head of Samsung's electronic storage business, published an article stating that Samsung has produced its ninth generation V-NAND flash memory product and hopes to achieve mass production early next year. In addition, the company is also developing industry-leading 11nm level DRAM chips.

It is reported that Samsung will launch its 10th generation 3D NAND (expected to reach 430 layers) from 2025 to 2026, and achieve 1000 layers of NAND Flash by 2030.

And DRAM advanced process technology with a 10nm level has now reached its fifth generation, which Meiguang calls 1 β DRAM, referred to by Samsung as 1b DRAM. Meiguang mass-produced 1 in October last year β DRAM, planned for mass production in 2025 1 γ DRAM; Samsung plans to enter the 1bnm process stage in 2023.

Li Zhengpei also stated that for DRAM, Samsung is developing 3D stacked structures and new materials; For NAND flash memory, the smallest unit size in the semiconductor industry is being achieved by increasing the number of stacking layers while reducing height. He mentioned that in the upcoming era of DRAM below 10nm and V-NAND chips with over 1000 layers, new structures and materials are very important.

With the popularity and increasing capacity of smartphones, flash memory has become an indispensable and important component. The demand for NAND flash memory is growing exponentially, mainly driven by the average capacity growth of smartphones. It is predicted that by 2028, the NAND FLASH market size will reach approximately 104 billion US dollars.

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